About Our Approach

EA Consulting educates people on what grief is to help them gain understanding and find inner healing. What most don’t realize is that what they’re experiencing is a normal and natural reaction to loss, so they become discouraged and feel inadequate. Each of us has experienced grief, but the mental health stigma has made these conversations taboo. Our goal is to help our clients process pain and grief in a healthy way. If we can lean into this mindset, we’ll be restored. We use a method called Trauma-Informed Care (TIC), which not only empowers you to resolve the immediate obstacle you’re facing but also enables you to conquer past and future obstacles as well. TIC is a framework that helps you recognize how adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) can negatively impact your life physically, mentally and spiritually. Trauma can be subtle, so we must understand our past to build
resiliency to resist re-traumatization.

Mission and Vision

To educate people on what grief is and help them connect the dots, so that they can be healed and break cycles.
To embrace grief in a way that brings restoration.

Our Core Values


We’ve established an environment of respect, non-judgmental, understanding, and acceptance to ensure success. Compassion and exceptional quality services are at the heart of everything we do. Our promise to the people we serve is that they will never feel like another number.


We’re sensitive to the needs of those we serve. We’re all on the healing journey and understand the importance of showing unconditional love.


We’re here just as a guide and to be servant leaders. When you work with us, we want you to feel empowered, inspired, and walk away with positive lasting outcomes.

“The person who sweeps the floor chooses the broom.”

-Howard Behar


Because our mission is to be servant leaders and help people grow, we take great pride and humility in everything we do

About Elta Ampadu, LMSW, AGRS

I understand what you’re going through…

After several years of college, over 15 years as a social worker, various life obstacles, and completing My grief recovery certification, I realized that my childhood experiences had created a sense of grief that I held closely. I found freedom when I became a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist. Grief goes deeper than the loss of our loved ones — it’s the little pieces of us we lost along the way of life’s journey. When I received my Grief Recovery Specialist certification, I tapped into my purpose. The feeling of fulfillment, understood, and being whole gave me the fortitude to present this method of dealing with root causes.

My work addresses the effects of childhood trauma on our health, decision making, habits, and actions. I am here to help you put the puzzle pieces back together and guide you on maintaining your wholeness. It is my hope to continue the work of helping others find themselves as I did and continue to do with my own grief work. There are so many people who desire to fill the holes and heal the scars from life but don’t have a roadmap. We’ve perfected a method to show you the way.